Department of Anthropology at Stanford: Graduate Student FAQ

graduate of the University of Chicago, Saree Kayne is a doctoral student in Stanford University’s cultural anthropology program. Prior to being admitted to Stanford for her PhD, Saree Kayne researched its graduate anthropology program carefully. Below are some commonly asked questions by prospective Stanford graduate students.

Q: How long does the average PhD program last?

A: Following the first three years of study, graduate students tend to do one to two years of fieldwork on average, and then spend time writing their dissertations. The entire process can take anywhere from five to many years, though the “average” time tends to be between seven and eight years for a degree in cultural anthropology.

Q: What are the funding options for graduate students?

A: At Stanford all admitted graduate students receive the same five year funding package for financial support, which includes a stipend and tuition costs. Stanford is exemplary in its graduate student funding and many other universities, if they offer funding at all, do not offer it uniformly for all their students. One significant benefit to being a funded graduate student is health insurance during the academic year.

Q: What is the estimated cost of living on campus at Stanford?

A: These costs vary, and depend on how much aid the student is receiving, both institutionally and personally. According to Stanford’s standard budget, total non-tuition expenses for an academic quarter (four months) are just over $9,000.


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