Bill Callahan Album Dream River Earns Critical Acclaim

A PhD candidate in cultural anthropology at Stanford University, Saree Kayne studies the organizational structure of the International Olympic Committee and its effect on the Olympic Games. During her free time, Saree Kayne enjoys reading Henry James novels and listening to the music of Bill Callahan.

Hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland, Bill Callahan has spent more than two decades making music and recording albums under both his name and the band name Smog. Considered one of the most influential bands among the indie folk movement of the 1990s, Smog produced classic albums such as Sewn to the Sky, The Doctor Came at Dawn, and Burning Kingdom, which feature stripped-down, understated instrumentation to accompany his trademark baritone vocals.

In 2013, Callahan released Dream River, the fourth album he recorded since dropping the Smog moniker in 2005. Hailed by music review outlets such as, which named the album one of the best of the year, Dream River features Callahan’s trademark subdued style while marking a departure from his previously melancholy themes.


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