Saree Kayne- Stanford University’s Graduate Anthropology Program

A champion horseback rider, Saree Kayne is currently earning her PhD in cultural anthropology from Stanford University. The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in the humanities and the history and philosophy of science from the University of Chicago, Saree Kayne is focusing her studies on the International Olympic Committee and how the culture of its members affects the games.

Stanford University features an anthropology PhD program for students with unique research projects. Under the guidance of a specifically chosen faculty member, the candidate may finish a doctorate in approximately five years. Furthermore, Stanford divides this program into three tracks: archeology, culture and society, and ecology and environment.

1. Archeology – Those who join this program get to explore older civilizations throughout the world. Its researchers operate across five continents and investigate areas ranging from gender and sexuality to materiality and colonialism.

2. Culture and Society – This track investigates all elements of human civilization. Faculty and students embark on socially responsible research into religion, city structures, arts, and other components of a society, to examine how they have affected our past and present.

3. Ecology and Environment – Participants consider how humans impact their natural and social environments. Stanford adopts a cross-disciplinary approach that involves in-depth examination of areas such as political ecology and zooarchaeology while producing a better understanding of biological and cultural evolution.